KHDA Award Description

Trail Blazer 

To recognize and honor a creative and innovative Public Health Director who has less than five years’ experience, which has demonstrated great leadership skills. Guidelines recognize the qualities of loyalty, devotion and perseverance for the betterment of public health departments, with an impact on comprehensive public health services.

 Outstanding Director

To honor and recognize exceptional and meritorious achievement as a Public Health Director. Guidelines will recognize contributions to the improvement of the overall status of health departments across this great commonwealth, must have five years or more of experience as a Public Health Director, must reflect innovative and creative approaches with an impact on comprehensive public health services.

Lifetime Achievement

To recognize and honor an individual who over the course of his or her career, has made significant contribution to Public Health.  Guidelines will recognize at least two of the following criteria: mentoring and practice at the local and state level; leadership role in the county/district and state or national level; at least 15 years’ experience in public health in a leadership or director role.

KHDA Award Winners

2019 KHDA Award Winners

Trail Blazer - Rebecca Kissick

Outstanding Director - Randy Gooch

 Lifetime Achievement Award - Maria Hardy

Previous Award Winners

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